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  • A Week With Owen

    Posted on April 28th, 2009 ben No comments


  • Owen is here!

    Posted on April 23rd, 2009 ben No comments

    Here is Owen Reinhart Quady, born at Sacred Heart Medical Center at River Bend on Tuesday at 3:33 PM. Owen weighed 6 lbs. 5 oz. Cheryl’s labor was relatively quick. Both Cheryl and Owen were in perfect health. Family and friends were there with us to help celebrate Owen’s arrival. Click pictures to see larger sizes.

    Cheryl before inductiondsc_8063dsc_8084dsc_8111dsc_8153dsc_8188dsc_8299dsc_8317dsc_8321dsc_8328dsc_8352dsc_8376dsc_8441

  • Embedding a Quicktime Video in WP 2.7

    Posted on April 1st, 2009 ben 1 comment

    I’m trying out a WP plugin called “Quicktime Embed“. Click the picture to load the movie. This one was taken with our new Kodak Zi6 and downsampled from 720p (60fps) to 640×360.

    [ 640 360]