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  • Posting a photo in WP 2.7

    Posted on March 31st, 2009 ben No comments
    Elliot with blue chalk on his hands

    Elliot with blue chalk on his hands

    This is my second attempt to insert a photo into a post. The first time I tried it I couldn’t figure out how to link the thumbnail to the large picture. I think I might have it now.

  • Updated WordPress

    Posted on March 30th, 2009 ben No comments

    I finally got around to updating my wordpress installation to v2.7.1. It’s surprisingly difficult when yahoo is your web host. There were some freaky errors when the new WP tried to update the old database, but everything seems to be working.

    I can now use the WordPress for iPhone app (ooh!) and it should end the user-registration spam I’ve been getting (ah!). It probably broke the comment system or something. Oh, well.

    Also I should now be able to properly export the blog so that I can try it on Squarespace web hosting.

    UPDATE: I did find some problem with the permalinks, which was easily fixed by changing the permalink style in the WP settings.

    Damn, WP is so AJAXy now. It’s a pity it doesn’t display all those controls properly on Safari. Or rather Safari doesn’t handle them well. I guess I DO have a use for Firefox after all.

  • Blair's Play

    Posted on March 5th, 2009 ben No comments

    Here is the complete video of Blair’s play with the Drinking Gourd Elementary School about Barack Obama. It’s 100MB. Give it a little time to load. :)

  • PeaceHealth has some f—— nerve.

    Posted on March 5th, 2009 ben No comments

    It looks like we will be going to PeaceHealth’s Riverbend hospital (part of “Sacred Heart Medical Center”) for Owen’s birth. We just pre-registered there so that when the big squeeze is on we can just walk in and go straight to a room. They just sent us an amazing letter thanking us for pre-registering and… um… can we please send them half up front as a deposit? Like, call it $1240. Amazing. And it really sounds suspiciously like they require it, without actually demanding it. Here’s the letter:

    Dear [my wife’s name],

    Thank you for choosing Sacred Heart Medical Center for your medical care and for taking the time to pre-register.

    Uncertainty and worry about the cost of your care does not help the healing process. In order to relieve concerns about costs and to help patients better manage their finances, we now provide patients with the estimated balance they will be expected to pay after insurance has processed their claim. We arrive at that balance by determining the average total hospital bill typically charged for patients receiving services like yours, then subtracting the expected payment from your insurance company based upon benefit information they provided (including your deductible).

    We ask that patients pay a deposit before their procedure of one-half of their estimated balance. We will send you a bill for any remaining balance after your insurance has processed your claim. Note that your final balance may vary from this estimate if you end up needing more or fewer services than average or if your insurance coverage changes. Hospital charges do not include professional fees such as obstetricians or anesthesiologists.

    Please note that although this request is based on a combined estimate of $8,000 for both mom and baby for a 2-day stay, each will have a separate bill that includes room charges. If your insurance plan has a deductible, you may want to check with your insurance company to see if you will have a separate deductible for your baby. Many plans require that your baby be added to your policy within 30 days of delivery.

    Please do not cancel your services if you are unable to pay your deposit in advance. Instead, please call one of our financial counselors who can discuss payment options with you. They can screen you for the Oregon Health Plan and help you apply. They can also screen you for PeaceHealth’s own Bridge Assistance Program, which can reduce or eliminate your balance at PeaceHealth facilities if your situation meets our criteria. Please be assured that medically necessary hospital services will NEVER be delayed or denied based upon your ability to pay.

    Hospital Patient Financial Counseling Staff.

    Is this some amazing f—— b——- or what?

    I ought to send them a letter offering to allow them to send me half of the money I expect to be awarded in my lawsuit against them for malpractice, noting that the final award may vary based on whether or not I do actually sue them, among other factors.

    Think they have to put up with this b——- in France?

  • Clowning around with earmuffs

    Posted on March 4th, 2009 ben No comments

    Elliot found these earmuffs in Blair’s room, and he let her put them on. He even mugged a bit for the camera.

    Elliot in earmuffs