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  • Elliot et al. in December

    Posted on January 22nd, 2008 ben No comments

    Here is another installment of pictures of Elliot to catch us up to the present. 

    First is another shot of Blair and Elliot. It's a sweet shot, but Elliot does look oddly out of proper proportion. :)

    Elliot and Blair on couch

    Next is Elliot, sitting on the countertop, chowing on a pear. Usually we cut things up for him, but on this occasion I let him get into a whole pear just to see what would happen. He did pretty well, too; a substantial fraction of the pear ended up in the baby.

    Elliot grubbing on pear

    Here is a picture of Annie holding Elliot on Christmas morning. Blair was with her dad that day, and Elliot doesn't really "get it" yet, so Christmas was a fairly quiet holiday for us. We had a few folks over for breakfast and a couple of gifts here and there. Just as Cheryl gets the credit for Elliot's good wardrobe days, so she gets the blame for this outfit. :)

    Annie holding Elliot at Christmas

    Lastly, this one is Elliot dressed up for playing in the snow at a house outside of Tahoe City. We spent about a week there just after Christmas with the Berkeley Quadys and half of the Sac Quadys. 

     Elliot in Snow

  • Catching Up With Elliot

    Posted on January 21st, 2008 ben No comments

    Okay! I have selected a few pictures of Elliot from the months during which I did not post. Here is a set from November and early December, with short explanation:

    Here is Elliot, who by November was crawling all over the place, and who could even sometimes get himself to a standing position, hooked on the toilet paper and excitedly following his Dad, who is walking backwards, snapping photos, and laughing, into the bedroom. (Click pics for larger version)

    Elliot trailing toilet paper

    Next is Elliot with a plastic slinky. This picture shows him playing one of his favorite games (for a few days) where he would cram as much of the thing into his mouth as possible and then slowly pull it out, ring by ring. Hilarious. 

    Elliot eating slinky

    Next up is a straightforward picture of Blair and Elliot together. Sweet. Blair has been really nice with Elliot, and never seems to show the kind of jealousy we all had imagined an older sibling would. 

    Elliot and Blair

     This next shot was taken by Dave in Berkeley. May I just say what fine shots his camera, under his control, takes? There, I said it. 

    Elliot in Berkeley I

    And lastly, here is one that Dave took on the morning of Rob and Jenny's reception. Cheryl very wisely bought a nice outfit for Elliot to wear, and Dave caught Elliot playing peekaboo around a little table. This might turn out to be the picture of the year around here. Thanks, Pops. 

    Peekaboo Elliot

  • Sorry for the lack of posts!

    Posted on January 21st, 2008 ben No comments

    I was all excited to upgrade my Mac apps last year, and am glad I did, except that the upgrade to iPhoto '08 seems to have broken my WordPress export plugin. This means I have to do some actual thinking when I want to post pictures…

    WordPress does have some kind of image handling, and initially that's how I was getting photos uploaded and posted. I suppose that until some genius coder re-engineers the plugin I will have to go back to that method.